Our support team is here to help answer any questions that you may have. At the bottom of each page on the rank quick site we have a form that you can fill out with your SEO related questions. Additionally, you can contact our support team directly with our live chat box in the lower right hand corner. We will get back to you immediately if we are online and available. We have representatives online at least 6 days of the week. Before doing either of these things we highly recommend that you take a look at our FAQ’s listed below that address the most commonly asked questions that we receive.

Question – How long does it take to process my order?

Answer –  Generally the orders take about 3-4 days to be fully processed. However, changes take longer than this to appear in google.


Question – Do I have to write my own articles for the posts?

Answer –  No you do not have to write your own articles. In fact, we only use articles provided by us because we know the method best. This cuts down on your potential costs immensely.


Question – Are any websites prohibited?

Answer – No adult, pharma, gambling, SEO or questionable websites allowed. We need to keep the stability and integrity of our network clean.


Question – Are you affiliated with or do you work for Google?

Answer – No we are not affiliated with Google at all, but we hope to rank your website so quickly that you think we do.


Question – How many keywords can I submit?

Answer –  The amount of keywords and the maximum you can submit per package are listed on the order page. If you enter more keywords than specified we will take the maximum amount in the order in which they were entered.


Question – Where is your company based out of?

Answer – We are based out of the United States.


Question – Do you offer larger packages?

Answer – Currently we do not, but we may begin doing this in the future.


Question – Is this safe?

Answer – We have been providing these kind of services for about 2 years now with no real issues. We have made it through both panda, penguin, and even the hummingbird updates. Our large network is extremely safe because of the measures we take to make it this way.


Question – Do you offer any guarantees?

Answer – We cannot make any guarantees that your rank will increase. We do believe that if your site gets our high pr backlinks that it will likely increase quickly though because of all of our past success with these methods. However, we do not guarantee that your rankings well stick for long periods of time or throughout updates. With all of the changes Google makes it is hard to make any guarantees with our services.


Question – Do I get a ranking report?

Answer – We do not offer ranking reports because of confidentiality within our network. We assure you that you will get the high pr posts from our network.


Question – How many posts do you recommend doing at a time?

Answer – This all depends on the site and keywords that you are going for. Obviously more competitive keywords need a bigger boost. An example which we have tried numerous times is one in which we have had lots of success on keywords that get around 1,000-2,000 exact searches per month that do boosts of 25 blog posts per month. If you have specific questions about keywords and packages please contact us.


Question – Which websites rank the best?

Answer – To get the best results from our service we highly suggest that your website ranks in the top 100 in Google, is not penalized on site or off site, has not been spammed with profile links, homepage networks, has no duplicate, similar or overlapping content or low quality blog comments. If you have already been penalized for these reasons it may be better off starting a fresh website though. Additionally, we recommend that some kind of smaller SEO service be done with ours to get the maximum benefits. Services that offer web 2.0’s, social bookmarking and more are usually beneficial in tandem with our service.


Question – Do you offer on site seo services?

Answer – Yes we also offer on site seo services for those who are interested. Please read over the guidelines, especially the bold before ordering.


Question – Will you make a website for me?

Answer – As of right now we do not design websites. Our only services are on page seo and high pr blog posts.


Question – Where can I track my rankings?

Answer – We believe the best place to track rankings is by using SerpBook. We have found them to be very accurate and helpful.


Question – What are the benefits of having manual web 2.0’s submissions done?

Answer –  The biggest benefit is getting keyword targeted backlinks.


Question – Will this help increase my websites authority?

Answer – On several tests where we followed this closely we have seen good boosts in page and domain authority for newer websites. We assume that aged sites would also increase, but keep in mind sites with already high authority ratings may not increase.