Instant Google Rankings Is At Your Fingertips!

We rank attorney videos on the first page of then we offer the video to your law firm which gives you instant Google rankings. Chances are that you landed on our website because you noticed a professional video ranking for your desired keywords in Google and then followed a link on the video to this page.

Check Your Area To See If A Video Is Still Available For Your Area

Arizona DUI Videos: Phoenix | Tucson

Arizona Criminal Attorney Videos: NONE AVAILABLE

Arizona Divorce Attorney Videos:  NONE AVAILABLE

If the video is still available it is yours! Simply click the Rent This Video button and once payment has been completed we will immediately add your firms name to the top of the video and redirect the phone number to the phone number you specify. Plus, if you have a website we can also redirect and customer to your contact form.

You Receive 100% Of The Traffic From The Video!

Once a video is rented you will receive 100% of the traffic that the video receives. Customers will be directed to call and/or go to your contact page on your website. We only create one video per area and once that video is rented we do not offer any more for your area.

You Have Everything To Gain And Nothing to Lose!

We provide you with instant rankings! The video you rent will be ranked on the first page of Google and you will receive 100% of the traffic generated by the video. These videos are very sought after and if a video is available for your area it would be wise to get exclusive rights to the traffic before one of your competitors does. These videos basically sale themselves because most attorneys realize what a first page ranking in Google is worth.

Our Guarantee To You!

We only produce one video per city and rent that video to one customer. Videos are rented to you on a month to month (30 day) basis. You receive 100% of the traffic generated from the video. There are no long term contracts and you are free to cancel your subscription anytime you want.

When you rent a video from us we guarantee you that the video will stay in the top 10 (first page) of If it does not, we will issue you a pro-rated refund for any remainder of the rental period left. No questions, just good honest business!

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