RankQuick Provides You With Instant Google Rankings!

Ranking Your Services In Google Creates Free Traffic

Everyone knows that Google is the top search engine when it comes to providing traffic for your services. If you are not a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert then it is nearly impossible to get your services ranked on the first page of Google which basically leaves you with 2 choices, both of which are very expensive.

  1. Hire what you believe is a reputable SEO company which will literally cost your several thousand dollars per month.
  2. Go with the Google Pay Per Click Ads which is even more expensive.

Hiring A SEO Firm

When you hire an SEO hopefully you have performed all of your due diligence and have found a reputable company that can produce results for you. A good SEO company is going to cost a minimum of $2500 per month and many of them require 3 months of payments up front to begin your campaign. You can literally invest 10’s of thousands of dollars in SEO and many people do not realize that when they cancel their SEO services their website will begin to drop in the rankings. Your SEO company will build links to your website to increase your Google rankings and when you cancel your subscription they will remove those links. The result, your website will plummet in Google and you will be forced to go back to this company in order to get your rankings back.

Google Pay Per Click Ads

If you have or are using Google Ads then you know this can become very expensive really quickly. Many of our customers have told us that they used to literally spend well in excessive of $100k per month on Google Ads. With that being said you can clearly see that by the time you obtain the client you want it has cost you a lot of money!

How RankQuick Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

We specialize in ranking professionally done videos on page 1 of Google and we then rent these videos to you at a fraction of the cost you will pay in Google Ads. Odds are you have found one of our videos ranked in Google for one of your local area search terms and followed a link on the video to this website.

We Rank the Video, Your Rent It. 100% of the Traffic is Yours!

It doesn’t get any simpler than that! When you rent one of our videos, we brand the video with your company name (optional), the phone number listed on the video is then routed directly to your business line. When the customer calls the number on the video that call is instantly routed to you!

Click on your niche and area to see if we have a video available for rent today!